Taking off in 1927 when a tram driver Bert Appleroth, first made the now classic jelly crystals in his bath tub and distributed them along his Sydney Tram route.

The Aeroplane Jelly Jingle created by Albert Lenertz and Les Woods was first played at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon early 1930 on radio station 2KY.

5 year old Joy King beat 200 other children, to become the official voice of the Aeroplane Jelly jingle. This rendition is still used in today’s advertising.

Bertie the Aeroplane makes his cinema debut in a two minute ad that screened in cinemas during the interval.

Tommy Dawes one of Joy King's fellow contenders at the 1938 talent quest becomes the feature of the Aeroplane Jelly packaging as the whistling boy. He stays in various forms on the packaging until the Late 1970's. The whistling boy was revived on the packaging in the late 1980's until the mid 1990's.

Australia's first low calorie jelly is introduced by Aeroplane Jelly. It is still available today as Aeroplane Jelly Lite.

The famous black and white girl on a swing commercial appears on TV.

Aeroplane Jelly is launched outside NSW and into Victoria, Queensland, SA and WA.

Aeroplane Jelly enters into the Guinness World Records making the largest ever Jelly. It was watermelon flavoured and 35,000 litres.

The Aeroplane Jelly Australian Fruit Series was launched to commemorate Australia's bicentennial. Inspired by the abundance of native fruits, quandong, midjinberry and Lilly pilly were part of the Aeroplane jelly range until 1992.

Aeroplane Jelly is acquired by McCormick Foods. It was previously owned by Traders.

Bertie the Aeroplane is relaunched and this time brings with him 20 new friends.

Aeroplane Jelly celebrates its 80th Birthday culminating with two huge parties in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Aeroplane Jelly Jingle was added to the National Film and Sound Archive (NSAFA) as part of this year’s sounds of Australia.

Aeroplane launches a range of Ready to Eat jellies in cups, perfect for school lunch boxes.

Aeroplane launches the Mug Cake range.

Aeroplane Jelly celebrates 90 years Launches Glitter Jelly and limited edition commemorative packs.